Since COVID-19's emergence in January 2020, Armour.org’s full focus has been on fortifying its healthcare supply chain and responding to evolving needs for PPE, diagnostics and immunization. Armour.org is here to support your organization with thoughtful approaches and supplies to ensure people stay healthy. Contact Us


Since 2005, Armour.org has armoured our world's most important organizations— including the United States CDC, US Department of Homeland Security, and many of the Fortune 500's.

Armour.org supplies a spectrum of products critical at the front-lines of infection control in biologically hazardous environments. The single goal: keep people healthy.

As a mission driven company, Armour.org uses profits to purchase critical medical supplies at the lowest cost possible and donate it to those providing care who cannot otherwise access or afford it. Learn more about Armour.org's impact.

Procurement & Consulting Services Include:

  • Rapid Procurement of PPE & Diagnostics
  • Product Usage Analysis (PUA's)
  • Complex Lab Diagnostics (PCR)
  • Point-of-care Diagnostics (Rapid Molecular, Antigen, Antibody)
  • Cold Chain Equipment
  • Vaccination Solutions
  • Pandemic Emergency Defense Systems (PEDS) –– 360-degree procurement planning to support operational continuity and stakeholder health during pandemic emergencies.
  • Employer legal compliance in emergency environments.
  • Long term continuity planning.
  • Expiration date tracking and product recall notifications for PPE, diagnostics and emergency pharmaceuticals.
  • Epidemiological consulting on the emergence and evolution of novel biological threats to populations and supply chains.
Contact us to learn more about how Armour.org can help you keep your people healthy.


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