About Us

10% of Armour.org's profits are used to purchase PPE at the lowest cost possible and donate it to those providing critical care who cannot otherwise access or afford it. Learn more about Armour.org's Impact.

COVID-19 Update

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in January, Armour.org’s focus has been on fortifying a healthcare supply chain that rapidly responds to surges in demand. Given recent shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE), PPE is being directed toward healthcare workers and essential service providers.

Now that Re-Opening Planning is a top priority, Armour.org is here to support thoughtful approaches with supplies that empower your people to stay healthy. Learn more about the supplies recommended for re-opening by reaching out to us at clients@armour.org.

Since 2005,
Armour.org has kept people healthy across our world's most important organizations, hospitals and government agencies— including the US CDC, US Dept of Homeland Security, Novartis and McKinsey & Co.

Armour.org helps you procure a spectrum of product categories that are critical at the front-lines of infection control in pandemic environments.

Services include:

  • Rapid Procurement.
  • Product Usage Analysis (PUA's).
  • PPE Selection & Deployment.
  • Pandemic Emergency Defense Systems (PEDS) –– Holistic procurement planning to support operational continuity and stakeholder health.
  • Employer legal compliance in pandemic environments.
  • Continuity planning.
  • Expiration date tracking and product recall notifications.