NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)
NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)
NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)
NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)
NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)
NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)

NEW - N95 Respirators - Model 3230 (Full Pallet of 16,000 Respirators)

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Full Pallet • 16,000 Respirators • 80 Cases
200 N95 Respirators Per Case • 4 Boxes Per Case • 50 Per Box

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Introducing our newest N95 Respirator–Model 3230.
The Most Comfortable Respirator Ever Made.
Future-Proofed for Full Protection.


Meets CDC Exposure Guidelines for:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Flu | Ebola | Anthrax | Smallpox
  • Wildfire Smoke

    Also offers protection for pollution, dust, pollen, mold remediation, construction, sanding, cutting, and grinding.

    Reliable Protection

    • Made in Massachusetts, USA
    • FDA Cleared
    • NIOSH N95 Approved (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
    • Continuous, rigorous manufacturer testing.

    The Most Comfortable Respirator Ever Made

    • Up to 50% lower breathing resistance compared to many molded designs
    • Designed for all-day work shifts, errands and travel.
    • Adjustable enclosed nosepiece helps reduce fogging of eyewear.

    • Latex-free to prevent allergic reaction.

    • Durable outer layer with ultra-soft inner liner.
    • Staple-free to prevent hair from being caught in a staple
    • Designed to fit most faces.

    Extreme Durability

    • Each respirator is individually wrapped to reduce contamination.
    • Folded flat for easy transport, storage and dispensing.
    • Made from the highest-quality filter media available

    • Durable construction for long life

    • Synthetic rubber head straps made for secure tension profile. No natural rubber latex.

    • Durable outer layer made to withstand hardworking environments.

    Case Weight: 6lbs
Dimensions: 9" x 12" x 14"


    Why N95 Respirators?

    • N95 Respirators undergo a rigorous approval process by the US government's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Approvals take years and few pass.

    • "Respirators" are designed to protect the wearer and people in proximity from airborne particles; unlike "masks", which may not legally claim to protect the wearer from airborne particles.

    Why not KN95 masks?

    • Often confused with N95 due to its spelling.
 Entirely different protection.
    • KN95 masks do not meet US standards (NIOSH)
    • KN95 is a loosely regulated Chinese standard for masks
    • Most KN95's were revoked by the FDA for lack of testing and rampant fraud.
    • These are "masks" and should not be purchased under the assumption they are a "respirator".

    • The US government tested 67 KN95 masks recently imported to the US and found that 70% failed to block out 95% of particles, the US gov't standard for effectiveness.

    • KN95 masks often have earloops. All NIOSH approved N95 respirators have headbands.

    Why not masks with valves?

    • The CDC disrecommends respirators and masks with exhalation valves or vents, which may allow virus particles to escape.

    Why not cloth or blue earloop masks?

    • Most cloth and earloop masks are not considered an effective filter of microscopic particles. For instance, coronavirus is ~1/1000th the thickness of a human hair.
    • Masks can not make claims to protect the wearer's respiratory system, and can not be considered a respirator.
    • Only N95 respirators are government certified to filter particles in the air, including viruses and wildfire smoke.

    How to Spot Counterfeit N95 Respirators

    The CDC has explicitly advised that the following are signs a respirator may be counterfeit:

    • Respirator has ear loops. All N95 respirators have headbands.
    • No markings at all on the respirator
    • No approval (TC) number on respirator or headband
    • No NIOSH markings
    • NIOSH spelled incorrectly
    • Presence of decorative fabric or other decorative add-ons (e.g., sequins)Claims for the of approval for children (NIOSH does not approve any type of respiratory protection for children)

    Your Purchase = Donation of 5 N95 Respirators to a Nursing Home

    For every purchase of N95 respirators, donates five N95 respirators to a nursing home in need. Nursing homes are responsible for protecting our most vulnerable populations, yet they are often severely under-resourced and unable to properly respond to a crisis like COVID-19. is a mission driven company dedicated to helping those most in need. Learn more about our impact.


    NIOSH Approval # TC-84A-9285, Manufactured by Louis M Gerson Co. Warning: No respirator can eliminate risk of contracting disease. Do not use in or around sandblasting. Read and Understand Instructions and Warnings before using this product.